Meaning of waterborne ecological synthetic leather:

his idea contains 4 aspects :

1,There’s no environmental pollution involved in the production process
2,There’s no hazard chemicals produced during the production process
3,There’s no harm to human body and has no pollution to the environment
4,Products can be Biodegraded and cause no new pollution to the environment

We make the eco-synthetic leather standard according to the EU requirements.
Waterborne synthetic leather is defined compared with solvent synthetic leather. PU synthetic leather can divided into dry process PU and wet process PU. Dry process PU is made up by base fabrics, bonding layer, surface layer and surface processing layer. Compared to dry processing PU, Wet processing PU has an extra layer called foaming layer(base layer). Traditionally, bonding layer, foaming layer(base layer), surface layer and surface processing layer are all made with chemical materials contains solvent such as DMF. Technically speaking, Replaced chemical solvent such as DMF with water, and synthetic made by this method is called waterborne ecological leather.