ZhongKeRuiDeng Science&Technology Development(Beijing) Co.,Ltd ZhongKeRuiDeng
Science&Technology Development(Beijing) Co.,Ltd is a sales type joint-stock enterprises belong to UNIK Group, focusing on developing high-tech products, technology popularizing and applying. The company is located at Jingliang Tower, central of Beijing CBD.And its registered capital is 5000,000 RMB.
Our company is the global marketing center of UNIK group, responsible for selling UNIK waterborne ecological synthetic leather and waterborne PU both in domestic and abroad,setting up and managing all levels of Regional agents.Products are widely used in sofa, garments, bags, shoes, upholstery and automotive interior etc. Products are sold across the country and countries all over the world.
Intending to develop environmental protection industry, we are the pioneer of waterborne PU wallpaper and promoter of waterborne union. Currently, we are the first and the only company that develops waterborne PU leather which is pure waterborne ecological wall leather.As a replacement of traditional wallpaper, waterborne PU leather has charters such as anti-scratch, fire-retardant, mould proof,ventilation,eco-friendly etc. What’s more,in order to popularize waterborne PU leather, we have signed agency agreement with several agents home and abroad.